Management and Leadership Teams


“No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings.” Peter Drucker

Your Senior Management Team is the place in your business where your ideas begin to take form.  As a team you set not only the agenda for your business but also the tone.  How you relate to each other, how you make decisions and how you follow through on your plans will have a profound effect on how everybody in your organisation behaves and works.


If the management team has difficulty dealing creatively with conflict or manages relationships without skill and finesse,  this can very quickly establish a counter productive culture in your business.  We work with you and your managers to promote the healthy interpersonal dynamics that free your company’s creativity and resources for what is really important to you. How creative are your team meetings, away days and team building events?  Do you find yourself covering the same old ground again and again?  Do you battle with colleagues who dominate the discussion and drown out the voices of the quieter members of the group.  Do you struggle to plan effectively and then find you’re not properly implementing your plans because of resistance from key people?  Does everyone have a great day out on your team building events only to return to business as usual when everyone gets back to their post?  THIS NEED NOT BE SO!


Nobody knows your business better than you do, especially when you’re willing to learn from the people you employ to work with you to meet the objectives of your business.  We work with you to build a model of facilitation for planning and implementation that engages everyone and gives everyone the opportunity to participate.  Our proven models of facilitation unlocks the potential of your team for wisdom and creativity while unleashing their energy to work on what is most important.


Teams function best when there is integrity and respect.  We emphasise that every team needs to function in two modes.  Task mode is when teams work to complete the practical daily tasks that make it possible to meet the objectives of the team and the organisation.  Maintenance mode is when the team takes time aside to build understanding, trust and respect for each other and what needs to be accomplished.  No team can effectively accomplish its goals unless it is committed to each member’s best interests.  Let us show you how to build your team’s cohesion and commitment to their common goals.