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Katherine’s Story

Katherine’s earlier careers in education and the performing arts have contributed to her work in conflict resolution and restorative practice. She received training in mediation and conflict resolution in New York City and since moving to England in 2003 has expanded this to include restorative justice and individual and team coaching.  Her work in restorative practice is primarily in criminal justice and education. Katherine has the level 4 Diploma in restorative practice and is a registered practitioner and trainer with the Restorative Justice Council. As her work has developed over the years she has come to consider all the work she does as ‘restorative’ in that her objective is to support a process that aims to make things better for all those concerned.

I found the professional coaching that I undertook with Katherine extremely valuable as it enabled me to assess and evaluate the sometimes complicated and stressful relationships at work in a focused and measured way and as a result come up with practical and highly effective action points. This really helped in terms of dealing with and addressing a range of work issues. The other real strength from this coaching is the way in which it enabled me to articulate my values and ethics. I found this very empowering particularly in a work context where I felt that I needed to clarify my position or hold my ground when under challenge.  I would recommend Beyond Conflict to anyone who wants to achieve greater clarity on their work context and relationships in order to operate as a more vital and aware employee and in order to develop a range of skills to address and manage conflict in the work environment. A hugely beneficial experience.” University Head of Department

Gavin’s Story

Gavin is passionate about helping people understand and engage in their relationships in life affirming ways. Deeply distressed by the way in which people were divided and taught to mistrust each other in apartheid South Africa, Gavin played a small part in training mediators and negotiators at the time of the transition, and in mediating in various social and political disputes. He also worked to train counsellors and promote stress and trauma healing for those traumatised by the brutality of the violence. Subsequently Gavin has worked as a conflict management specialist on six continents and as an advisor to major relief and development organisations as well as large and small businesses. Until a few years ago he was the managing director of a highly successful specialist services management company which grew every year through the recent recession. He is an experienced mediator, guide, counsellor and coach with businesses, with families and with couples seeking to develop mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationships.

“I have known Gavin for many years and worked with him on a number of projects, often in very difficult circumstances and in severe conflict situations.  He is always calm and rational in a crisis and never loses his compassion for the people he is working with.  I trust him to be thoroughly professional without being rigid.  Rather than providing solutions, Gavin’s focus is always on helping us to find our own path.” Manager – Humanitarian Programmes

Our Story

Beyond Conflict was born out of our work in many different countries with people in seemingly intractable conflicts.  In the early years we worked together in various humanitarian crises.  We designed and implemented programmes to facilitate cooperation among youth, business communities, civil society organisations and educational institutions, often across racial, social, cultural and ethnic barriers. In recent years our passion for Restorative Justice has seen us work with local authorities, schools and within the criminal justice system to facilitate Family Group Conferences and Restorative Justice Conferences for those affected by social circumstances, deprivation, or anti-social or criminal behaviour.

Experienced Associates


Fellicity Steadman

Felicity has been an independent mediator and trainer in dispute resolution processes and skills since 1989. She has worked in the UK and internationally. She is a CEDR accredited mediator, and mediates for CEDR, In Place of Strife and Oxford Mediation. Her mediation practice areas are commercial matters, employment and workplace disputes. She trains for CEDR and the International Labour Organisation, as well as for Conflict Dynamics in South Africa. She is a director fo Conflict Dynamics.

Maggie Donnelly

In her career as a Governor and Assistant Regional Director in the UK Prison Service, Maggie gained valuable experience and expertise in leading and managing staff in a challenging environment, implementing change and resolving conflicts with unions, staff and prisoners.

Maggie’s experience as a trainer includes 4 years as Head of Training for governor grades in the Prison Service and leader of an international prison reform training programme in Khazakstan over 5 years.

Since 2010 Maggie has been an RJ facilitator and trainer with Thames Valley RJ Service. She has also been a trainer and mentor for Restorative Solutions in a Ministry of Justice -led three year programme involving prison, police, probation and volunteer staff.

Maggie holds the Level 4 Diploma in Restorative Practice. She also has an MA in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and is a qualified workplace and community mediator.

Helen Leney

Helen has been a restorative practitioner for over fifteen years. She has the level 4 Diploma in restorative practice and is a registered practitioner with the Restorative Justice Council.   In addition Helen is a qualified assessor in restorative practice and supervises those wishing to attain the level 4 Diploma.

Timely Support

Because we work as a team one of us is always available at pretty short notice to work with you.

Innovative Ideas

We like to think that we’re creative and that we help people find interesting and unique solutions to their problems.  The truth of the matter is that most people have the ability to be creative and resourceful. We simply tap into that creative energy when we work with you. Most of the great innovations will be yours.

Advanced Technology

We make use of the latest technology in our work and training.  We don’t however use technology for technology’s sake. We will not bore you with PowerPoint and sales charts, unless of course it’s highly relevant to what you need.

Clear Communication

We love to travel and our down time is incredibly important to us.  When we’re unavailable for a period of time we’ll let you know. The good news is that modern communication allows us to be away and to be close at the same time.

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