Have your scripts become repetative?

Are you having conversations in your head instead of getting a good nights sleep?

Do your critical relationships drain your energy?

Is there a lot of blaming and shaming?

Are you facing more demands than concessions?

Do you want to improve your relationships?


Working as a Team with your Team

Executive Coaching

Managing Relationships

Proactive Leadership

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Intergenerational Conflict

Succession Planning

Different Interests and Needs

Emotional Investment

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Business Management Family Dynamics

Understanding Roles and Needs

Working and Living Together Well

Finding the Time to Play

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The Foundations of our Business

We are business partners and partners in life.  We experience the joy of working together on a daily basis and we understand the pitfalls and frustrations that can arise from working and living together.  We work really hard at our business and our relationship and we want to work with you on yours too.

There is no product that can be taken off a shelf and plugged into your business or personal relationships.  Every business, person and situation is unique.  We do not come to you with preconceived notions of what your relationships should be like or how they should function.  Rather, you tell us what you aspire to and we work, as a team with your team, to make that happen.

Values in business are hugely overstated.  They are essentially nothing more than words in a dictionary until they are expressed and lived in a certain way.  For that reason we don’t tell you what our values are.  We are always delighted however when you tell us what you think they are.  If we like what you say we smile, if we don’t like what you say we learn and adapt.

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